New Adult Fiction: Tuesday, March 22

The Macedon Public Library is fully open for in-person visits. Computers are available and the Discovery Room is also open. Masks are strongly encouraged for all patrons, even if you have been vaccinated. We will continue to offer “Grab and Go” services for those who prefer to place their books on hold online and then pick them up in the cabinet outside the library.

Here are a few of the new books that have come in to the library recently. We invite you to check them out!


In the run-up to the 2016 election, Owen Callahan, an aspiring writer, moves back to Kentucky to live with his Trump-supporting uncle and grandfather. He takes a job as a groundskeeper at a small local college, in exchange for which he is permitted to take a writing course. Here he meets Alma Hazdic, a writer in residence who seems to have everything that Owen lacks — a prestigious position, an Ivy League education, success as a writer. They begin a secret relationship, and as they grow closer, Alma — who comes from a liberal family of Bosnian immigrants — struggles to understand Owen’s fraught relationship with family and home. 

The World Cannot Give

When Laura Stearns arrives at St. Dunstan’s Academy, she dreams that life there will echo her favorite novel, All Before Them, by Byronic “prep school prophet” (and St. Dunstan’s alum) Sebastian Webster. She soon finds the intensity she is looking for among the insular members of the school’s cultic chapel choir: presided over by the charismatic, neurotic Virginia Strauss. Virginia inducts Laura into a world of transcendent music and arcane ritual. But when a new, reformist school chaplain challenges Virginia’s hold on the “family” she has created, and Virginia’s efforts to hold onto her power become increasingly destructive, Laura must decide how far she will let her devotion to Virginia go.

The Berlin Exchange

Berlin. 1963. TAn early morning spy swap, not at the familiar setting for such exchanges, or at Checkpoint Charlie, but at a more discreet border crossing, usually reserved for East German VIPs. The Communists are trading two American students and a lower level CIA operative. On the other side of the trade: Martin Keller, a physicist who once made headlines. Keller’s most critical possession: his American passport. Keller’s most ardent desire: to see his ex-wife Sabine and their young son. But Martin has other questions: who asked for him? Who negotiated the deal? The KGB? They want him for something. Not physics — his expertise is out of date. Something else, which he cannot learn until he arrives in East Berlin, when suddenly the game is afoot.

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