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A Letter of Thanks and a Request

Macedon Public Library’s recent referendum failed.  However, to the 372 people who voted in support of increased funding: thank you. Your votes signal an implicit understanding.  You comprehend the value the library provides to people at every stage.  You realize how providing access to literacy programs for children increases the odds of them succeeding and becoming contributing members of Macedon’s economy.  You recognize how teens able to congregate in a safe space are less apt to find themselves getting involved in exploits leading to nowhere good for anyone.  You can fathom how offering technology to adults looking for work, or … Continue reading A Letter of Thanks and a Request

Solar Eclipse Glasses

If you attend the eclipse programming beginning at 1:30 pm on Monday, August 21, you will be able to receive solar eclipse glasses if you are among the first 200 people to arrive. This is now the only way you can receive free solar eclipse glasses from the library. So, if you are planning on viewing the eclipse and need glasses, please come to the library on Monday to participate in our activities and view the eclipse from Library Hill. If you cannot come to the library, make sure you do not view the eclipse without protection.  Instead, make a … Continue reading Solar Eclipse Glasses