Holiday Challenge

Is there anything more enjoyable than cozying up to a good book and leaving the hustle, bustle, stress and woe of work and toil behind? 

Let our Holiday Challenge give you the permission to escape! 

The challenge is simple. Read any four books by midnight, December 17th, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate to Walmart.  Read more than four and increase your chance to win.  Log in your books using ReadSquared to receive credit for reading them. 

This challenge is open to all ages.  Adults may choose to log in picture books or chapter books they read aloud to children not yet able to read independently.  A log-in account in the child’s name should be made even though the parent is reading books aloud to them.  The parent may also create their own ReadSquared account.

Have fun escaping into the magical, holiday worlds created by your favorite authors, or escape all things holiday by reading non-holiday books. 

All reading counts in this challenge; you just have to remember to log it in! Remember, the more books you read, the better the chance of being chosen the winner!  

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