The Caldecott Challenge: It’s Not Too Late!

Cadlecott challengeAre your children looking for entertaining options to keep them engaged and happy during August? It’s not too late for them to join the Caldecott Challenge!

This program encourages children to read Caldecott Award winning books independently or to hear them read aloud by an adult.  To complete the challenge, a total of 20 Caldecott Award winning books must be read by August 31st.  These books are short and easy to read, so it shouldn’t be hard for them to read that many.

All children completing this challenge will get to pick a Beanie Baby to keep!

The Caldecott medal is given out each year to the “most distinguished American picture books for Children.” It’s the highest honor a picture book can win. The Macedon Public Library has more than  200 Caldecott Award winning books located together on their own shelves so it will be easy to find Caldecott books to read!

We are now open for limited visits by up to four patrons at a time.

Patrons wishing to browse the library’s collection of books and DVDs may come to the library and park in one of four, specially designated parking spots.  Only two people per vehicle will be permitted to enter the library at the same time. Each of the four parking spots will have a flip sign.

If more than one person enters from the same vehicle, they will be required to indicate two parking spaces are taken by flipping the signs located in front of two parking spots.  In spite of not occupying a space, cyclists and pedestrians will also need to flip a sign.  Flipping the signs will signal if maximum occupancy has been reached.

If all four parking spaces are filled upon arrival, the patron may choose to park in a non-designated space and wait for someone to exit the building.  This system will help to consistently keep the count of patrons in the library from exceeding the maximum, and will avoid the need for advance appointments.

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