Library Proposition

The Macedon Public Library Board of Trustees has proposed a request in the amount of $5,000 be placed before residents living within the Gananda School District. The requested amount adds an additional $3,500 to the allocation currently received by the library.

The Macedon Public Library Trustees have refrained from asking the residents of the Gananda School District for an increase in funding since 2004, although the cost to run the Macedon Public Library has steadily increased over the past fifteen years.

Residents of this school district borrowed approximately 8% of the books and other materials loaned by the library last year. In 2018, this amounted to nearly 9,000 items or an estimated $153,000 worth of print and media resources.

Residents residing within this school district also enjoy attending a variety of programs offered at the library.  Technology classes, storytimes, teen programs, musical performances and jewelry making have all been attended by Gananda residents.  In addition, parents from this district often delight in the use of the Rosalie Gabbert Discovery Room.

In order to keep up with the rising costs associated with offering a wide variety of relevant materials and programming over the past fifteen years, the trustees are asking this request be placed on the Gananda School District budget ballot scheduled for May 21, 2019.

A typical music CD costs $10 to purchase, while a new DVD is apt to cost $20.

If passed, the increase would cost the average taxpayer between $3.72 and $4.92 per year, which is far less than the amount an individual would spend to purchase a single book, movie or music CD.

On average, a new paperback book costs at least $10 while a hardcover book is likely to run at least $20.

The library’s funding request is a separate request from the budget proposed by the district. If the proposal is passed, the funds will be allocated directly to the Macedon Public Library.

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