Don’t Get Lost in the Donut Hole

Scot Ritchie, a Medicare Representative from Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield will be offering a 30 minute program at 11:30 am before the Macedon Senior Luncheon on March 5.  Ritchie has reached out to the library to offer us a new program offering quick Medicare tips the first Monday of each month prior to the Macedon Senior Luncheon.

For his first session, Ritchie will detail how Part D of Medicare works and explain what happens to coverage in relation to the dreaded “donut hole” that exists in Part D.  His presentation will last around 20 minutes and he will take specific questions from participants.  The goal is for everyone to walk away well informed on how Medicare Part D works.

There is no fee or registration necessary to attend this program.  It will take place in the teen corner of the library.  Plan on coming to the library just a little earlier than usual so you won’t miss this great, free informational presentation!


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