A Letter from the Director

Dear Library Supporter,

Did you know the Macedon Public Library serves all 9,140 residents of the Town of Macedon and countless others from surrounding communities?  From the period of August 2016 through July 2017, the following statistics were compiled:


  • 101,326 items were borrowed.
  • 73,521 people came through our doors.
  • 226 people signed up for library cards.
  • 6,890 sessions were tracked on our wifi and public computers.
  • 8,104 people participated in one of our many programs.
  • In July, we had the largest number of materials borrowed of any Wayne County Library.  We loaned 9,787 items and had 7,340 people of all ages visit the library!


If you value the library, please take a moment to call or visit the Macedon Town Hall.  Let them know you would like more funds allocated to the library’s budget so we can continue to offer this level of service to the community.  

Currently, out of the 13 libraries located within Wayne County, Macedon Public Library ranked ninth for tax support.  Macedon received $48,414 less than Clyde-Savannah Public Library, even though Macedon Public Library serves 3,641 more people than Clyde-Savannah, and the average per capita income in Macedon is considerably higher.  Macedon also received $57,075 less in tax support than Walworth-Seely Public Library.  Walworth-Seely Library’s service area exceeds Macedon’s by only 301 people and the two communities have equal per capita income levels.

The Trustees of the Macedon Town Board are working on making budget allocations for the 2018 fiscal year.  Please let Supervisor Sandy Pagano and the Trustees of the Macedon Town Board know you care about the level of funding the library receives and that you would like the funding to be increased to a level commensurate with the service level the Macedon Public Library provides community members.

You can contact your town representatives by mailing a letter to Supervisor Pagano at 30 Main Street.  You can call: 315-986-5932 and ask to speak to Supervisor Pagano.  Or you can email Supervisor Pagano: macsuper@macedontown.net

Thank you for your support!

Stacey Wicksall, Director




    1. This information is available on our facebook page and has been tweeted. In addition, see last year’s annual report for a statistical snapshot of January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or ask. Thanks for being a supporter!


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