Get Ready to Garden!

Looking for the latest book or movie to help you improve your garden or landscape? Why not stop by and check out something that you find interesting? The Library has a number of resources for those who can’t wait to get their hands in the dirt this spring, including a Seed Library that we’ll be updating soon with fresh seeds for 2023. Meanwhile, check out some of our books with a garden focus and get ready to get outside!

The All-New Illustrated Guide to Gardening: Planning, Selection, Propagation, Organic Solutions

The Illustrated Guide To Gardening, a book that set the standard for gardening excellence more than three decades ago, has been totally revised to include the latest and most up-to-date information for today’s gardener: All-new organic solutions take the mystery out of how to garden safely without using chemicals. More than 800 diagrams and brand-new color illustrations offer step-by-step advice for gardeners of all abilities. The extensive plant directory with more than 700 plants and over 2,500 full-color photographs provides complete descriptions of the latest and best varieties for all hardiness zones, including Canada. Over 200 tables, problem-solving tips, garden design plans, and more provide invaluable guidance from the experts. Eco-friendly problem solving from the latest, safest organic controls to beneficial bugs will show you how to grow a gorgeous garden the natural way.

1001 Hints and Tips for Your Garden

Whether you want to plant a tree, choose a climber, grow fragrant flowers, or learn how to apply the various types of fertilizer, this comprehensive A-to-Z book will help you get the job done. And because topics are cross-referenced, you will find it easy to use.
Inside are samplers of varieties of the best-loved plants and a list of tulips that will take turns blooming all spring long. A month-by-month calendar provides a handy checklist for taking care of trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, lawns, and container plants. Also included are tips on how to attract butterflies and ladybugs to your garden, easy ways to compost, and a list of good patio plants. 1001 Hints & Tips for Your Garden offers secrets for siting plants and strategies for coping with weeds, wind, drought, and frost. Here, too, are plants that are best for creating privacy and baffling noise.

Weedless Gardening

Garden like Mother Nature, with an organic system that’s good for plants and good for people. Say goodbye to backaches and weed problems!  Lee Reich’s organic Weedless Gardening eschews the traditional yearly digging up and working over of the soil. It is an easy-to-follow, low-impact approach to planting and maintaining a flower garden, a vegetable patch, trees, and shrubs naturally.

“If you love to knock yourself out digging beds, buy a better shovel. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense alternative, buy this book!” -Ketzel Levine, National Public Radio’s Doyenne of Dirt)

“Thoroughly practical, easy-to-follow guide to good gardening Lee Reich make it sound simple, and if you follow his methods and philosophy, it is.” -Dora Galitzki, Gardening Columnist, The New York Times, and Author of The Gardener’s Essential Companion

“Finally, a book filled with science-based information that insures success and frees us from busywork in the garden.” – Dr. H. March Cathey, President Emeritus, American Horticultural Society

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