Free COVID testing in Library Parking Lot!


Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

The library will offer FREE COVID testing to anyone who has a smart cellphone and is symptomatic, exposed, or at high risk.  This is a partnership between the library, American Rural and Small Library Association, Color Lab, and the CDC. 

Color Lab is one of the nation’s leading providers of clinical grade COVID-19 testing and vaccination services. The lab supports more than 9,000 testing sites across the country and has completed more than 19 million COVID-19 tests since March of 2020.

Patrons who wish to be tested using the Color testing kits should follow the following steps:

1. Park in the library parking lot. DO NOT COME INSIDE THE LIBRARY.

2. Call the library at 315-986-5932 and let us know you would like to have a COVID test.

3. A staff member will bring the test and a registration form out to you in your car. For the protection of staff, please wear a mask.

The COVID test kit

4. Register your test by scanning the QR code on the registration flyer.  Your sample must be activated to be processed.  Unactivated samples will be destroyed.

5. Collect your test sample while seated in your car.  Instructions will be provided in your testing kit.

6. Put your collection sample in the provided bag and seal it.

7. While wearing a mask, bring your test sample to the collection box which will be located near the entrance outside of the library.  Put your sample in the bin.

8. The library will pick up all tests placed in the bin and have them shipped via FedEx to the Color lab. 

COVID Collection Box

9. Patrons will receive notification of test results via text and email (if provided). Result times will vary depending upon the caseload at the lab.

10. Patrons will receive a link to a site where results can be viewed.  Patrons must enter their date of birth and the barcode card from the testing kit to access their results.  One suggestion is for patrons to keep the card and take a picture of it with their cellphone as a backup.  If the barcode is lost, you will need to repeat testing because there will be no way to access your results.

The library will offer this service to the community Monday through Friday from 10 am until 1 pm.  

*Any patron who wishes to be tested must do so from their car to prevent the spread of COVID to other patrons and staff members.*

No tests will be available upon entering the library.  We will bring them to patrons who are parked in their vehicles.

At this time, to participate, a smartphone is absolutely necessary to participate in the testing service.  We are unable to provide kits to anyone who does not have a smartphone able to scan a QR code.

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