New Books for Young Readers: Thursday, January 6

The Macedon Public Library is fully open for in-person visits. Computers are available and the Discovery Room is also open. Masks are required for all patrons, even if you have been vaccinated. We will continue to offer “Grab and Go” services for those who prefer to place their books on hold online and then pick them up in the cabinet outside the library.

Here are a few of the new books for young readers that have come in to the library recently. We invite you to check them out!

Image of item

Ocean (DK Eyewitness series)

What lies in the depths of Earth’s oceans? Find out in this fact-filled book on the sea, its creatures, plant life and many hidden mysteries. Explore from shores and reefs to the freezing depths! Learn about fishing, shipwrecks, sea plants, coral reefs, ocean wildlife and so much more. This picture-packed guide dives into why the ocean is so important to life on Earth, and why we need to conserve it. Appropriate for ages 8-12. The library also has new DK Eyewitness books on ancient Egypt, hurricanes and tornadoes, and the Titanic.

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Just Roll With It

As long as Maggie rolls the right number, nothing can go wrong… right? Maggie just wants to get through her first year of middle school. But between finding the best after-school clubs, trying to make friends, and avoiding the rumored monster on school grounds, she’s having a tough time… so she might need a little help from her twenty-sided dice. But what happens if Maggie rolls the wrong number? A touching middle-grade graphic novel that explores the complexity of anxiety, OCD, and learning to trust yourself and the world around you. Appropriate for ages 8-12.

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The Book Smugglers

Since he was six years old, Milo has lived on board the Sesquipedalian, or “Quip,” a magical train that uses the power of imagination to travel through both stories and the real world. Aboard the Quip, Milo lives and works with his uncle, Horatio, a book smuggler who trades in rare books.
 When Horatio takes on a dangerous new job, he needs the help of Tilly Pages, a uniquely gifted bookwanderer. But when Tilly’s grandfather and Horatio are poisoned by a mysterious copy of The Wizard of Oz and fall into a deep sleep, Milo and Tilly find themselves racing against time to save them. The friends must journey to the Emerald City with Dorothy, and eventually to Venice, Italy, to find out who is behind these strange poisonings. Appropriate for ages 8-12.

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