Please Support the Library

When you are shopping for goodies at Amazon, you can support the library with your purchases. Simply go to Amazon Smile and shop as you normally would. When you check out, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your total purchase cost to the library. We will use this funding for things such as printer paper, pens, pencils, programming materials, flash drives and other supply and programming needs.

If you are going to purchase items from Amazon, why not consider making your purchase do a bit of extra good by using the library’s Amazon Smile account to place your order? Every little bit helps and we appreciate your support!


Stacey Wicksall, Julia Koberlein, Jessica Saccone, Wendy Caffee, Courtney Lyon, Jeremiah Gross, Marilyn Henderson, Ari Rex, Patrick Hogle, Kathy Koehler (sub), Pam Dibble (sub), Carole Drake, Pat Stevens-Brate and Mary Van Keuren, and Melissa Bond (sub).

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