E-Book Recommendations: New Magazines

OWWL2Go subscribes to a whole ton of magazines — so you don’t have to. From entertainment weeklies to home and garden journals to the latest deep dive into politics, you’ll find something here to engage and delight you. Here are just three of the new issues that have arrived at OWWL headquarters and are available for your reading pleasure.

History Revealed: June 20 issue

  • Lockdowns of the past
  • Discover how the likes of William Shakespeare and Isaac Newton coped with enforced isolation
  • Houses through time
  • Take a whistle-stop tour through British homes – from Edwardian grandeur to post-war mod cons
  • Life and death in ancient Egypt
  • How William Wallace became a hero in Scotland

OK! May 25 issue

  • Inside Shiloh’s mysterious world
  • 14 years of love: Keith and Nicole
  • Eve Mendes and Ryan Gosling: Wedding and a baby
  • Superfood support
  • Princess Charlotte photo shoot
  • Chip and Joanna Gaines: work woes

New York Magazine: May 11-24 issue

  • What is College Without the Campus? No one knows what it will look like this fall, but millions must now decide whether it’s worth the price.
  • Plus Debenedetti on Biden: Suddenly the country needs more than an average Joe

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