Today’s Recommendation: Get a Digital Card!

We hope you are enjoying our daily recommendations of books to read or listen to digitally from the OWWL2Go catalog. If you’ve been reading them, though, and thinking “I can’t check these out — I don’t have a library card,” well, now’s your chance, because you CAN get a library card, even in the age of COVID-19. The Pioneer Library System is making digital cards available to everyone. Just go to the OWWL2Go website and you should see a pop-up window that directs you to another page that looks like this:

All you need is a smart phone, and then fill in a few important facts on the webpage. In a jiffy, you’ll have your digital card in hand, and can now check out all the exciting titles we’ve been highlighting in our daily recommendations. The best part about it? IT’S FREE. And how many things do you get for free these days? So enjoy a free e-book or audiobook once you have your Pioneer Library System digital card.

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