E-Book Recommendation: Happy Hour

The OWWL2Go wizards have done it again, and created a curated list of titles that’s bound to appeal to anyone who’s been shut up at home all day (which is most of us, right?). They call this list “Happy Hour: Titles Featuring Food, Drink, and Chefs” and it’s got more than 60 books that are sure to delight you, including the following:

Wine Trails: USA and Canada

Following the success of Wine Trails, we now bring you 40 perfect weekends in North American wine country, introducing vineyards in regions including Sonoma, Walla Walla, Finger Lakes, Texas Hill Country and Okanagan, as well as celebrating secret gems off the beaten path.

Wine Trails – United States and Canada is perfect for travel enthusiasts with a passion for wine. It includes detailed itineraries recommending the most interesting wineries and the best places to stay and where to eat in 40 wine regions near major cities.

Winemakers offer personal insights into what wines to taste and why they’re special, and help you understand a place, its people and their traditions through the wine that’s made there. Entries are accompanied by gorgeous photos, maps and in-the-know authors.

French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew

A delightful, delicious, and best-selling account of the gustatory pleasures to be found throughout France, from the beloved author of A Year in Provence.
The French celebrate food and drink more than any other people, and Peter Mayle shows us just how contagious their enthusiasm can be. We visit the Foire aux Escargots. We attend a truly French marathon, where the beverage of choice is Château Lafite-Rothschild rather than Gatorade. We search out the most pungent cheese in France, and eavesdrop on a heated debate on the perfect way to prepare an omelet. We even attend a Catholic mass in the village of Richerenches, a sacred event at which thanks are given for the aromatic, mysterious, and breathtakingly expensive black truffle. With Mayle as our charming guide, we come away satisfied (if a little hungry), and with a sudden desire to book a flight to France at once.

Lidia’s Italy in America

From one of America’s most beloved chefs and authors, a road trip into the heart of Italian American cooking today—from Chicago deep-dish pizza to the Bronx’s eggplant parm—celebrating the communities that redefined what we know as Italian food.
As she explores this utterly delectable and distinctive cuisine, Lidia shows us that every kitchen is different, every Italian community distinct, and little clues are buried in each dish: the Sicilian-style semolina bread and briny olives in New Orleans Muffuletta Sandwiches, the Neapolitan crust of New York pizza, and mushrooms (abundant in the United States, but scarce in Italy) stuffed with breadcrumbs, just as peppers or tomatoes are. Lidia shows us how this cuisine is an original American creation and gives recognition where it is long overdue to the many industrious Italians across the country who have honored the traditions of their homeland in a delicious new style.
And of course, there are Lidia’s irresistible recipes, including
· Baltimore Crab Cakes
· Pittsburgh’s Primanti’s Sandwiches
· Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza
· Eggplant Parmigiana from the Bronx
· Gloucester Baked Halibut
· Chicken Trombino from Philadelphia
· authentic Italian American Meatloaf, and Spaghetti and Meatballs
· Prickly Pear Granita from California
· and, of course, a handful of cheesecakes and cookies that you’d recognize in any classic Italian bakery
This is a loving exploration of a fascinating cuisine—as only Lidia could give us.

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