Blood Need is Critical

This April, the need for people to register and donate blood is of critical importance. Due to the pandemic, many people have opted out of donating. However, opting out is a very bad idea because the need for blood is even more pressing. People still have life-saving surgeries, they still get in car accidents, some are undergoing cancer treatments while others have life-long conditions like sickle cell anemia or hemophilia that require transfusions. Add in people who get severely sick with pneumonia (whether due to COVID-19 or some other virus or bacteria), and you can get some sense of why the need is so urgent.

Please do not skip your blood donation appointment. Or, if you have not donated, but would like to begin, please register for an appointment. All blood donators will be screened for illness and the premises will be continuously sanitized throughout the day. The process is easy and it provides huge dividends to your community.

To secure your appointment to contribute on Monday, April 13 between 1 and 6 pm in the Community Room of the library, click on the American Red Cross image, ” The Time to Donate Blood is Now.”

Thank you!

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