Deadbolt Mystery Society: The Haunting of Indigo House

Wednesday, February 19

5:00 p.m.

For all who love the challenge of solving a mystery, this is a program not to be missed.

Here’s the story: The ominous shadow of Bleak Lily has clouded the public’s opinions of Indigo House for the past hundred years, turning it into a paranormal hotspot frequented by all manner of supernatural enthusiasts. A local ghost story rooted in bits of truth, the tale of Bleak Lily is actually the tragic story of Lily Abernethy, one of the estate’s original owners who took to haunting the house after a suspicious and untimely death. In the years after Lily’s passing, numerous people have died on the grounds of Indigo House, and although there is never anything to prove that the ghost of Lily Abernethy is to blame, people still whisper that the bloodshed is her handiwork.

The Van Burens bought Indigo House from the Abernethy family at the turn of the 20th century and have done their best to shake off the curse of Bleak Lily.  However, the rumors started up again when the matriarch of the family, Hilda Van Buren, was found dead in her bed. Was Mrs. Van Buren’s death from natural causes? Did Bleak Lily claim another casualty?  Or is there something else sinister at work?

Use props and clues that we’ll provide to figure out the truth of Bleak Lily while enjoying complimentary pizza provided thanks to generous funding from the Friends of Macedon Public Library. Space is limited. Call the library at 315-986-5932 or stop in to register.

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