Photography Society

Monday, October 14

2:00 p.m.

Do you love to take pictures with your cell phone or a digital camera?  Do you like to share your work and receive helpful tips and advice? Join this group led by award-winning, amateur photographer Marshall Handfield. If the weather is cooperative, the group may even go outside to explore and practice this fun and engaging hobby together!

There’s no need to call to register, and there are no charges. Please join us!


  1. Could you tell me about the “Snapshot Society” and the “Photography Society” ? They are mentioned in a notations when Marshall Handfield gave photography lectures in 2019. We were isolating Covid 19 and could not attend. Having a hard time finding contact information for Marshall Handfield. Thank you


      1. Thank you Stacey, You win 10 stars out of 10. Jacquie always says :Know your Source and ask the Library Media Specialist. Bob


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