Teen Lounge

Friday, September 27

3:00-5:00 p.m.

Want to be creative? Prefer to chill out? Either way, if you’re a 13+ teen with time on your hands Friday afternoon, please join us in the Idea Factory at the Macedon Public Library for a couple of hours to do whatever YOU want to do! We’ll have plenty of ideas if you’ve got the urge to make something on our Glowforge or using other maker supplies. If you prefer, grab a graphic novel or the latest installment of your favorite series from the shelves and get reading. Been a long week? Then maybe you just want to grab a cup of hot cocoa (it’s free!) and settle into one of our comfy lounge chairs to think or rest. Whatever: there are no expectations here, just a safe place to hang out and celebrate the coming weekend.

Photoes by Lelia Milaya on Reshot and Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash.

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