Monarch Butterflies

Tuesday, August 20

7:00 p.m.

Monarch butterflies are in trouble. The beautiful orange and black insects are a common sight flitting from flower to flower (they especially love milkweed) in your garden—but they are dying at an alarming rate, confounding scientists who study them.

Macedon Garden Club member Melinda Kelsey and her husband, Rob, spent last summer collecting monarch butterfly eggs and caterpillars in their backyard. They protected them from spiders and other predators so they could become chrysalises and then emerge as butterflies. The Kelseys were able to raise more than 100 monarchs through all their life stages. They researched the plight of the monarchs and took many pictures and videos of the ones they raised. Melinda and Rob are excited to share all they learned along with some things you can do to help the monarch migration. They hope to be able to share some caterpillars, chrysalises, and butterflies in person with you as well. 

Learn more about these lovely little creatures and gain ideas on how you can help replenish the population in your own backyard at this entertaining presentation.

Photo by Avinash reddy Kosna from Pexels.

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