Make Cozy Sweater Mittens

Tuesday, March 12

6:30 p.m.

mittensWinter may be nearing an end, but there are still some cold days ahead of us—and there’s always next winter! Get ahead of the game by making a pair of cozy, comfy mittens out of an old sweater that you’ve outgrown or can’t wear any more. Tara Longyear Smith will show you how in this hands-on session, where you’ll upcycle your sweater with the use of the library’s sewing machines. There’s no fee to participate, and you don’t need any sewing experience—this is a beginner-level project.

Please bring the following:

  • an old sweater, any size
  • a fabric marker
  • pins
  • a pair of scissors

We’ll supply the rest! Please call the library at 315-986-5932 to register, or stop in and add your name to the signup sheet. Hope to see you there!

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