Positively Teens

Friday, March 8

5:00-8:00 p.m.

pizzaTeens will work on a project to benefit our community for the first two hours of this program, and then spend an hour relaxing, eating pizza, and hanging out.

This month’s project is a good one! We are going to make music note magnets to give to the music teachers in the school district to show them appreciation for their work, as we celebrate “Music in our Schools” month!

Perler beadsThe magnets are  made out of Perler beads; you arrange the beads on a board and iron them. The beads melt together into the picture you created. We will also be making bookmarks that are music themed.

Students can earn community service credit if they bring their documentation to the program. Stop by the library today to pick up your permission slip–they need to be submitted by Wednesday, March 6.

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