Lura Receives Her Mini-Me Figure

As part of the summer reading program, the library raffles off a variety of prizes to reward children, teens and adults for their partcipation.

Recently, Lura Kersbergen received her figurine.  The figurine was made possible by Memories in 3D.  Mia Sohns, proprietor of Memories in 3D and a graduate of the library’s Entrepreneur Workshop series, donated figurines to several participants in the summer reading program.

To have a figure made, participants had to stand in a special photo booth that was set up at the Summer Reading Party.  The booth contains lots of digital cameras set to snap digital pictures from many angles simultaneously.  The digital files are then sent away to be 3D printed. It was a great opportunity to for children to see technology applied in an innovative way.

These figures are a fun way to capture a person from every angle.

Email for information about 3D printed figurines.

Lura Kersbergen.jpg

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