NEW: Consumer Reports Online

The Macedon Public Library is now offering a new online resource for patrons: Consumer Reports Online.  This tool is very valuable for anyone considering the purchase of a car or major appliance.

The site can be accessed for various articles at home.  However, to access the advanced features available on the site, patrons must be logged-in to the site.  Logging-in will only be possible for patrons who visit the library in-person.  To log-in, simply let a staff member know.  Any staff member will be happy to assist any patron wishing to use this resource.

Consumer Reports provides patrons with up-to-date ratings and reviews on televisions, refrigerators, laptops, cars and even some services.  It can be accessed to find out the history and reliability of various brands.  It is very handy when trying to compare brands offering similar products.

We hope you find this new tool useful the next time you need to purchase an expensive appliance or new car!

consumer reports.jpg

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