ROC the Day and Save Our Services

Tuesday, November 28 is “Giving Tuesday.” As a 501 c 3 organization, Macedon Public Library has signed up to receive free-will donations through the United Way of Greater Rochester’s “ROC the Day” campaign.

This year, while we appreciate the funding the Town of Macedon has allocated to us, the library received less in budgetary funding than was needed. The underfunding has been accumulating for years, and combined with minimum wage increases, the library is now forced to cut our hours and the purchase of materials down.

Two years ago we cut back our Friday hours and completely cut our Sunday hours. In 2018, we are going to face cutting back our Wednesday hours. Rather than operating from 10 am until 8 pm, we will only be open from 1 pm until 6 pm.

For many years, the library has run a deficit budget. We have pulled from a reserve to purchase our materials. Our reserve has been steadily shrinking and the Board of Trustees has decided to freeze using any funds from this reserve. The reserve should be wisely used for emergency needs, not to coninuously fund a deficit budget. By no longer using the reserve, we are forced to cut our spending on books by 20%. We will also cut spending on DVDs and other media by 25%.

We are asking our library supporters to please consider making a free-will donation to help reduce these cuts. The donations we receive will go first toward minimizing cuts to our spending on materials. If enough money is received, we will be able to add back Wednesday hours.

If you have recently donated money to the Friends of Macedon Public Library, please know that the money they receive supports the library in other very important ways. The Friends support the special, high quality programs the library offers through out the year. For example, in December, the Friends are funding the Striking Strings Hammered Dulcimer Concert and the Christmas Magic Show with Cris Johnson. The Friends have also supported the purchase of equipment for the library and the purchase of refreshments for special events. Note that any funding received from the Friends is greatly appreciated and supports different budgetary needs than the money that we are requesting on ROC the Day.

If you would like to donate to the library, please use this link: 

As always, we genuinely appreciate your support and thank you for considering making a donation to help keep our doors open and our shelves current.


Stacey Wicksall, Director


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