Catch the Bus!

The Macedon Public Library is very pleased and excited to announce that the RTS bus will now transport people to and from the Macedon Public Library and Town Hall Complex.  The fare to ride the bus is: $1 for adults, $0.50 for senior citizens age 60 and older, $0.50 for persons with disabilities and free for children under 5 years of age (when accompanied by a fare-paying adult).  If you need a reliable source of transportation to get to the library, this could be a great option to consider!

The bus stops at the library at 9:29 am, 10:18 am, 12:38 pm and 1:27 pm.  The bus also stops at several other locations within Macedon: Macedon Woodland Commons, Goodwill and Walmart.  It is possible to call RTS at 315-946-5617 to schedule a one-way, “on-demand” response.  This must be done 24 hours in advance of needing the on-demand response and the fare is $1.50 one way.

It is also possible to schedule a route deviation for those who cannot get to one of the bus stops, but are within 3/4 mile of the route.  This service costs is $2.00 one way.

This service may be very useful to those of you who are unable to drive, do not have reliable transportation, have mobility challenges that make driving a car difficult or impossible or do not drive when the weather makes conditions difficult.

The library sincerely hopes this will help to make it easier for all people to get to the library!  We believe this is going to be very convenient for many of you in the winter (especially if the predictions of a snowier than usual winter are correct).

If you would like a route schedule, stop by the library and we would be happy to give you the brochure.  Or visit the RTS site for more information.

RTS Bus in Wayne County

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