A Letter of Thanks and a Request

Macedon Public Library’s recent referendum failed.  However, to the 372 people who voted in support of increased funding: thank you.

Your votes signal an implicit understanding.  You comprehend the value the library provides to people at every stage.  You realize how providing access to literacy programs for children increases the odds of them succeeding and becoming contributing members of Macedon’s economy.  You recognize how teens able to congregate in a safe space are less apt to find themselves getting involved in exploits leading to nowhere good for anyone.  You can fathom how offering technology to adults looking for work, or entrepreneur workshops to those hoping to launch new businesses, is a smart community investment.  Finally, you have seen how critical the library can be for senior members living alone, who frequent the library to have their social needs met.

For this I am grateful.  You are conscious of how interconnected we are within a community.  You know the ideas found within the library can positively impact individual lives as well as the community as a whole.  For all of you, the library is bigger than the value you reap for yourself alone, and you respect the library’s power to spark prosperity.

Please continue your support. Contact the Macedon Town Board. Let them know you want the library to receive a funding increase.  Whether you call, write or attend a meeting, I encourage you all to speak out.

You may also want to fill in a brief notice of support by clicking the picture below:

support us now

Thank you!




  1. Good morning, it would be very helpful for descriptions of Calendar events to be published somewhere. Unless we have an insider’s view, who knows what “Kahoot!” is or what book will be discussed on September 14th?


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