Help NYS Public Libraries

Yesterday the Governor released his Executive Budget. Unfortunately, it includes a cut to State Library Aid and Library Construction Aid. His budget takes back the legislative adds our representatives fought for, bringing us back to 2015 level funding.
These cuts come at the same time as he is proposing $1B increase in education funding- a 4% increase. This is an unfair approach to funding because, as we all know, libraries are education.

The only way we’re going to be effective advocates for state funding for libraries is through statewide organization and communication.

The first call to action- Help build the New York Library Association’s list of trusted library advocates.

1) Make sure that you are enrolled (Click “Registration” below)
2) If you are a library friend, trustee, or supporter, please make sure to register.
3) Share this post widely with friends and family- especially through facebook, twitter and email.

The bigger the list, the more likely funding is to be restored. In order to make a big impact, we’re going to need a BIG response!

Thank you for all you do to make libraries in New York amazing.




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