Chill Out with a Good Book

It’s finally done!  After weeks of collecting milk jugs, rinsing them with bleach, and assembling them with oodles of heavy duty glue sticks, Macedon Public Library now has its very own igloo!

The igloo is a great place for children, and even adults who are young at heart, to relax with a good book.  It is quite spacious and the door accommodates both wee and adult folk.  But, for adults a bit skeptical about crawling inside this construction marvel, there is still a silver lining: while your little ones are in the igloo you have a great opportunity to browse for a good book you may want to check out for yourself!  The igloo is conveniently located in the children’s area which also butts up to the adult new fiction and nonfiction books.

So, if you are looking for something fun to do with your children that incorporates bringing home lots of good books to read, what are you waiting for?  Stop by and chill out with us at the library!



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