Did you forget…

Did you forget….
Macedon Public Library had its first ever book fair at the Pittsford Barnes and Noble. We had a lot of fun with events planned through out the day. People especially enjoyed our reading dogs, Pocket Lady and mascot, MacRibbit the Frog. Valerie, the young bibliiophile pictured above, was absolutely thrilled to have her picture taken with MacRibbit!

We thank all the Macedonians who visited our book fair at Barnes and Noble and purchased items. A small percentage of the items sold will be given to the Friends of Macedon Public Library to go toward library program expenses. The manager at Barnes and Noble commented on what a wonderful slate of events we had and hopes we will come back again in the future. This made all of us very happy indeed!

We also have been told to remind everyone that the fair is still going on. If you really wanted to go in support of the library, but could not attend because of other obligations, or forgot (I know all too well how busy life can get), you can still help to support the library by purchasing library items at the Barnes and Noble online store. This opportunity will last through Friday, October 14. It is extended to all Macedon patrons, their families and friends. Those wishing to purchase items to support the library will need to provide this voucher ID # when virtually checking out:

Voucher ID: 11976727

We hope you will pass along this information to everyone you know. Anyone in the Unites States of America can choose to use this code when checking out online.

Supporting the library in this way does not cost you any extra, but it helps the library to bring you lots of great programming events in the future! Thanks!

Book Fair 2016.JPG


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