Stop by and Catch a Pokemon!

The library has been invaded by Pokemon Go! creatures!  Just yesterday, a Pokemon snook into the director’s office while she was doing her paperwork.

Quite a few Pokemon Go trainers have visited the library and caught a variety of creatures. The library director would love to have even more caught and she is counting on all of you to help!  Thankfully, you can load up with Pokeballs at the Macedon Town Hall (the building right next to the library).

The director suspects the Pokemon creatures especially enjoy hanging out at the library.  After all, the library does have a lot of cool stuff to offer like: Little Bits circuits, a retro-gaming system (the Pokemon creatures love Pacman), graphic novels, popular chapter books, all sorts of music CDs, coloring books, books to listen to in the car, rubber stamps, ipod shuffles, ipads, movies, computers, video games…there’s even a banjo and guitar people can borrow!

So, stop by, catch a Pokemon and borrow something fun to do at home!

pokemon go


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