Vote on the Best Peep-tastic Trap!

It is time for all of you to take a look at the “Peep-tastic Leprechaun Traps” people entered in the library’s leprechaun trap contest.  We received 14 traps and you can tell people really put a lot of thought into duping a leprechaun into being caught!  In fact, before you vote online I highly recommend you visit the library so you can see all of the traps up close!
Once you are ready to cast your vote for your favorite leprechaun trap, please follow this link:
You will be able to view all of the traps.  Each one is numbered and you can cast your vote for the numbered trap you like the best of all.  The trap receiving the most votes will win a prize.  We will announce the winner on March 25.
I hope everyone will take a couple of minutes to take part in the fun!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
four leaf clover

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