The Glowforge is HERE!

I know there are a few people who have been excited for the Glowforge to arrive.  It is here! Today I had a chance to fire up the equipment and see how it works.  It really was super easy and amazing to experience.  I really think the sky is the limit for what sorts of items creative people can envision using this machine to make.  I am really excited to develop programs around the use of this machine.  First I am learning how to use it so I can teach others.  So stay tuned for programs that incorporate the use … Continue reading The Glowforge is HERE!

Book Discussion: “Peer Luck”

Wednesday, September 5 6:30 p.m. Join local authors Sally Valentine and Beth Hoad for a discussion of their book Peer Luck: The Life and Times of Frank Sherman Peer. The book is based on the memoirs of a local man, Frank S. Peer (1851-1922), who was an entrepreneur living at the turn of the 20th century, but whose vision went far beyond his time and place. Frank wrote the story of his life while making Transatlantic crossings to import purebred livestock into New York State. Peer was the great grandson of Humphrey Shearman, one of the founders of East Palmyra. … Continue reading Book Discussion: “Peer Luck”