Local Author to Speak at MPL

We have a single book to recommend to you today: Keith Partington’s Fraternal Resolve. It is currently available at the Macedon Library. Keith will be speaking at the library on Saturday, June 17 at 11:00 a.m. Read the book first, then come to hear more about the author’s literary journey.

Fraternal Resolve

Fraternal twins Tom and Theresa have always been close, though they have chosen to follow different paths. Tom is a successful up-and-comer in the fast-moving, high-paying world of computer programming. Though his long hours and relentless grind keep him single, he enjoys family life vicariously, spending a lot of time with Theresa, her husband, and her young son. Police Sergeant Theresa is finishing out her final weeks on the street before stepping into her new role behind the desk, running the academy. It is a welcome move that will give her more time with her family. But when Theresa surprises a group of drug runners while running an errand for Tom, she is gunned down and mortally wounded. Tormented by guilt, Tom swears to avenge her. To do so, he must channel his fallen twin’s grit and transform himself from a white-collar tech geek to a hardened warrior.

Keith Partington graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and worked as a collaborative sales professional at Microsoft Corporation in Upstate New York for twenty-eight years. His tenure spanned multiple industries and various citizenship initiatives that support workforce development, diversity, and education.  Keith took a one-year community leave of absence in 1997 and worked for Science Linkages, which was a nonprofit organization within the Rochester Museum and Science Center. In this role he developed the Community Computers for Youth Program, which provided community outreach and technology development for organizations working with underserved youth in schools and community centers.

Since 2018, Keith has leveraged his broad sales, marketing, and technology skills as a nonprofit freelancer to help with projects focused on accessibility and inclusion. He is a member of the Landmark College Advisory Council, and he volunteers in the Canal and Community Pal inclusion program for Rochester Accessible Adventures. A board member of the Victor Central Schools Educational Foundation since its inception, he leads its Alumni Connections Committee. Keith and his wife, Deb, reside in Victor, New York, and are the parents of three grown children, Cam, Alyssa, and Cole. The family are all proud alums of the Victor Central School District. 

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