May the Fourth Be With You

One of our favorite non-standard holidays is Star Wars Day, May the Fourth (get it?). According to Wikipedia, the famous Star Wars phrase—”may the force be with you”—was first used to reference May 4 in 1979, and quickly grew in prominence as Star Wars fans the world over picked up on it. Now, celebrations are held everywhere from Disneyland to the International Space Station in celebration of this day.

Want to celebrate Star Wars Day in Macedon? We have many books, e-books, and DVDs from the Star Wars universe. Here are a few of them:

Star Wars Thrawn Ascendancy. Book II: Greater Good

Thrawn’s latest triumph still rests newly on his shoulders. Across the Ascendancy, seemingly inconsequential events could herald the doom of the Chiss. As Thrawn and the Expansionary Defense Fleet rally to uncover the plot, they discover a chilling truth: Rather than invade Chiss capitals or pillage resources, their enemy strikes at the very foundation of the Ascendancy, seeking to widen the rifts between the Nine Ruling Families and the Forty Great Houses below. As rivalry and suspicion sow discord among allies, each warrior must decide what matters most to them: the security of their family or the survival of the Ascendancy itself.

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (Blu-ray edition)

The remaining traces of the Resistance movement assemble in their quest to overthrow the First Order, once and for all. Each member of the Resistance must contend with both their own demons and how the events of the past have affected them, learning to overcome their struggles to create a unified front. Meanwhile, the Jedi and the Sith approach their final face-off, bringing centuries of contention to a head. At the heart of it all is Rey (Daisy Ridley), the former orphan who stands as the Resistance’s last hope as the galaxy’s remaining Jedi knight.

Star Wars: The Rising Storm (The High Republic) e-book

The Republic continues to grow, bringing more worlds together under a single unified banner. Under the leadership of Chancellor Lina Soh, the spirit of unity extends throughout the galaxy, with the Jedi and the newly established Starlight Beacon station at the vanguard. In celebration, the chancellor plans The Republic Fair, a showcase of the possibilities and the peace of the expanding Republic; a peace the Jedi hope to foster. But as the eyes of the galaxy turn toward the Fair, so too does the fury of the Nihil. As the Jedi struggle to curb the carnage of the rampaging Nihil, they come face-to-face with the true fear their enemy plans to unleash across the galaxy—the kind of fear from which even the Force cannot shield them. Available as a download from OWWL2go.

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