Games! Games! Games!

Do you enjoy a good rousing board game? Are you forever looking for Scrabble partners? Are you always looking for someone to teach you a new game? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Macedon Library has you covered.

We offer programs that feature gaming opportunities every week, and you are invited to drop by to observe, learn, and play. Here are just a few of the gaming events we have in the near future:

Giant Scrabble

Saturday, April 15

11 a.m.-noon

Macedon Library’s Scrabble game is larger than life: MUCH larger, with pieces that are visible no matter where you are in the room. We’ll be playing a game or two with our giant Scrabble pieces this Saturday in the Community Room, where we can spread out and give this game the space it needs. Register by calling us at 315-986-5932. No fees and open to all ages—just come out and show us your word skills!


Every Monday and Thursday

2:00-4:00 p.m.

Whether you’ve never played euchre or are a state champ, you are welcome to join our regular euchre games, which happen every Monday and Thursday afternoon. If you’re new to euchre, all you need to know is that it is a trick-taking card game commonly played with four players, two on each team. It’s easy to learn but takes time to master, and we’ll be happy to show you the ropes if you’d like to try it. Fun Fact: euchre is responsible for the introduction of the joker card into the standard deck of cards, where it first appeared in the 1850s.

Flix, Brix & Switch


3:30-5:00 p.m.

For our younger patrons in grades three to five, we offer the chance for some gaming activity with this program, which includes time to play with the Library’s Nintendo Switch, a video gaming console that offers a range of gaming options. The kids can also watch a movie and try their skills with the Library’s LEGO blocks. If your child is a Pal-Mac Intermediate student, we will meet them at school and walk them over to the library—all we need is a letter of permission from a parent or guardian to release them to the Library. And tell them to bring their library cards! After gaming, they will have time to browse the bookshelves to take out a few volumes to bring home. Gananda and homeschooled students are also welcome to join.

American Style Mahjong


2:00-5:00 p.m.

If you’ve never played mahjong, you’ve been missing out. This tile-based game, invented in the 19th century in China, is captivating and easy to master. The Western version is somewhat similar to rummy, and there are numerous online versions of it floating around the internet. You’ll find that it takes skill, strategy, and a good dose of luck to win. The library supplies the tiles—all you need to do is stop by. You’re welcome to observe or feel free to pull up a chair and join us. All skill levels are encouraged to play. There are no fees, and no need to register. Why not stop by?

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