Seed Library is Stocked

Did you know about the Macedon Public Library’s Seed Library? This great resource is kept in a hutch on the back wall to the left of the circulation desk. A staff member would be happy to show you where it is.

What is a seed library? It’s simple: a “library” where you can take home seeds to plant the way you take home books at a regular library. There’s no need to check the seeds out—just take what you need (we ask you to limit it to three packets of seeds at a time), and head for your garden.

Macedon’s Seed Library includes seeds for both flowers and vegetables. Most of the seeds there are fresh, and packaged for 2023, so should have excellent germination rates. What varieties will you find? Here’s a partial list:

  • Onion: candy hybrid
  • Tomato: giant Belgium
  • Radish: French breakfast
  • Tomato: sugary hybrid
  • Sunflower: autumn beauty
  • Winter Squash: early butternut
  • Rudbeckia: amarillo gold
  • Bush Bean: blue lake 274
  • Snap Pea: sugar snap
  • Spinach: space hybrid
  • Cabbage: late flat Dutch
  • Carrot: Sugarsnax 54
  • Zucchini: ambassador

…And that’s just a partial list.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t one, really. We only ask that if you have any extra seeds that you purchased and didn’t use, or if you grow any of your plants to seed, you bring a few packets in to share with others.

We hope you will try out a few seeds from the seed library this year, growing your own beautiful flowers or tasty veggies!

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