The Best Tax Books for 2023

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year: no, not Christmas, we’re talking about tax season. If you struggle with the yearly attempt to fill out Uncle Sam’s endless tax forms, consider a quick trip to the library, where you will find numerous books that can help make it easier to get your taxes done quickly and efficiently. Here are just a few of our tax books available for you:

J.K. Lasser’s Your Income Tax 2023

Offers hands-on and practical advice for everyday people getting ready to file their taxes for the 2022 calendar year. You’ll find info about the latest changes to the 2022 tax code and the most current advice on how to maximize your credits and deductions. You’ll learn how to legally keep as much money in your pocket as possible while you minimize how much Uncle Sam takes off the top. In the latest edition of this widely read and celebrated series, you’ll find:

  • Special features that guide you through recent Tax Court decisions and IRS rulings that govern how your deductions and credits work
  • Tips and tricks on how to properly file your taxes and clever (but completely legal!) tax planning strategies that help save you money
  • New information about the latest legislation from Congress and how it impacts your taxes

Home Business Tax Deductions: Keep What You Earn

For any home business, claiming all the tax deductions you are entitled to is essential to your business’s financial success. Don’t miss out on the many valuable deductions you can claim.Here, you’ll find out how to deduct:

  • start-up costs
  • home office expenses
  • vehicles, meals, and travel expenses
  • medical expenses, and
  • retirement expenses.

You’ll also learn how to keep accurate, thorough records in case the IRS ever comes calling. Easy to read and full of real-life examples, this book can help you take advantage of all the valuable deductions you are entitled to.

J.K. Lasser’s 1001 Deductions & Tax Breaks 2023: Your Complete Guide to Everything Deductible (E-book)

In 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2023, expert attorney and small business advocate Barbara Weltman delivers a thorough and carefully researched explanation of the constantly changing tax laws as they apply to ordinary, taxpaying Americans. The latest edition of this book has been completely updated to reflect recent legislation, the latest tax court rulings, and IRS guidance, allowing readers to easily refer to relevant deductions and credits in the easy-to-follow guide. You’ll find: answers to the most frequently asked tax questions about deductions and credits as well as what income is tax free; comprehensive info on every deductible expense, including current dollar limits and record-keeping requirements; a free e-supplement that includes the latest developments from the IRS and Congress.

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