New DVDs: Wednesday, June 29

The Macedon Public Library is fully open for in-person visits. Computers are available and the Discovery Room is also open. Masks are strongly encouraged for all patrons, even if you have been vaccinated. We will continue to offer “Grab and Go” services for those who prefer to place their books on hold online and then pick them up in the cabinet outside the library.

Here are a few of the new DVDs that have come in to the library recently. We invite you to check them out!

The Umbrella Academy: Season 2

Billionaire industrialist Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted a group of children intending to train them with superpower abilities and save the world from an impending apocalypse. His eccentric approach to parenting causes his plans to fall apart and his children to disband. Thirty years later, the remaining siblings reunite after hearing about Reginald’s mysterious passing. Despite their conflicting personalities and fractured relationships, the dysfunctional clan formerly known as The Umbrella Academy attempt to connect the dots between their father’s death and a possible global crisis.


In the not-too-distant future, two drifters (Zac Efron, Anthony Hayes) traveling through the desert stumble across the biggest gold nugget ever found and the dream of immense wealth and greed takes hold. They hatch a plan to excavate their bounty with one man leaving to secure the necessary tools. The other man remains and must endure harsh desert elements, ravenous wild dogs, and mysterious intruders while battling the sinking suspicion that he has been abandoned to his fate.

After Yang

Jake and Kyra live with their daughter Mika and Yang, their young daughter’s beloved companion, an android. When Yang malfunctions, Jake searches for a way to repair him. Not wanting to upset Mika, Jake becomes determined to save his robotic child. In a flashback, Yang reassures a curious Mika that she is still part of the family despite being adopted. Jake takes Yang to Russ, a repairman, who discovers what he claims is a hidden camera inside of Yang. It looks like a memory bank. Jake goes home and watches Yang’s memories. What secret will Jake find out?

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