New Fiction: Thursday, September 23

The Macedon Public Library is fully open for in-person visits. Computers are available and the Discovery Room is also open. Masks are strongly encouraged for all patrons, even if you have been vaccinated. We will continue to offer “Grab and Go” services for those who prefer to place their books on hold online and then pick them up in the cabinet outside the library.

Here are a few of the new books that have come in to the library recently. We invite you to check them out!

Image of item

The Riviera House

Paris, 1939: The Nazis think Eliane can’t understand German. They’re wrong. They think she’s merely cataloging the art collection in The Louvre while they steal national treasures for their private collections. They have no idea she’s carefully decoding their notes to ensure every painting can be recovered after the war. But Eliane is playing a very dangerous game. Does she dare trust the man she once loved, or will he only betray her once again? She can’t know for sure…until a visit to a stunning home on the Riviera dramatically changes the course of her life.

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The Healing of Natalie Curtis

Musician Natalie Curtis is broken by strict training and a lost love. After encountering Native American music, she is determined to save these ancient songs which are being silenced by the government. In doing so, Natalie steps inside the space between the notes to discover something she’d forgotten — music powerful enough to heal. Based on a true story.

Image of item

The Third Mrs. Galway

1835, Utica, New York. Newlywed Helen Galway discovers two runaway slaves hiding in the shack behind her husband’s house and is suddenly faced with a terrible dilemma. Should she be a good wife and report the fugitives? Or should she help them? Meanwhile, Utica itself is caught between stark divisions as abolitionists arrive for the founding meeting of the New York State Anti-Slavery Society and newspapers accuse the group of being insurrectionists and traitors to the Constitution. Everyone faces dangerous choices as they navigate this intensely heated personal and political landscape.

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