New DVDs: Monday, July 26

The Macedon Public Library is fully open for in-person visits. Computers are available and the Discovery Room is also open. We ask patrons who are not yet vaccinated to please wear masks, but we will not be monitoring this. We will continue to offer “Grab and Go” services for those who prefer to place their books on hold online and then pick them up in the cabinet outside the library.

Here are a few more of the new DVDs we’ve received lately:

Image of item

Dream Horse

Set during the early 2000s, in Dream Horse the residents of a tiny town in Wales dream big.  Mired in listlessness and apathy since the collapse of the local coal mining industry, the townspeople are inspired by a local bartender (Toni Collette) to pool their little available money and invest in the breeding and training of a thoroughbred racehorse.  Their impossible dream — to win the annual Grand National horse race. Experience the inspiring true story of Dream Alliance, an unlikely racehorse bred by bartender Jan Vokes. With little money and no experience, Jan convinces her neighbors to chip in their meager earnings to raise Dream and compete against the racing elites, becoming a beacon of hope in their struggling community as he rises through the ranks.

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The Spanish Princess: Part 2

Teenaged princess Catherine of Aragon, daughter of Spanish rulers Isabella and Ferdinand, finally travels to England, to meet her husband by proxy, Arthur, Prince of Wales, heir apparent of Henry VII of England, to whom she has been betrothed since she was a child. Unwelcome by some, she and her diverse court, including her lady-in-waiting Lina, who is of Moorish ancestry, struggle to adapt to English customs. Catherine is horrified to learn that Arthur’s younger brother, the arrogant Henry, Duke of York, is the author of the romantic correspondence she has received. When Arthur dies suddenly, her destiny as the one who will bring peace between Spain and England seems in doubt, until she sets her sights on Prince Henry.

Image of item

Gangs of London: Season 1

When Finn Wallace, the head of London’s most powerful crime family, is assassinated, no one knows who ordered the hit. With rivals everywhere, Finn’s impulsive son Sean takes over and puts a stop to all criminal business in London until his father’s killer is found. As the city is torn apart by the power struggles of the international gangs that control it, Sean finds the only person he can rely on is Elliot Finch, a low level enforcer with a mysterious interest in the Wallace family.

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