What is the Excelsior Pass?

What is Excelsior Pass?

Currently, many businesses and other establishments — including the Macedon Library — allow you entry without a mask if you have proof that you are fully vaccinated. One way to do that is to show your vaccination card — but the card can quickly become dog-eared and doesn’t fit well in a wallet.

A simpler way is the Excelsior Pass, which has been developed by New York State as a way to prove vaccination. It’s quick and easy to register for, and after that you will only need to have your smartphone in hand to show that you’ve been vaccinated.

Get your Excelsior Pass here. It takes about five minutes to sign up, and then you’re all set. It’s free and simple to do. It’s also safe and secure, with absolutely no chance that your information will be used for any other purpose.

To use the library without a mask, just show your Excelsior Pass to the library staff member at the desk and you’re all set!

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