Wednesday, November 18

Here are a few more of the new books we’ve received lately. Why not check one of them out to use in our HOLIDAY CHALLENGE. For this fun event, we are challenging you to read any four books by midnight, December 17th. The challenge is open to all ages: adults can choose to read four books to their children and log those in. We’ve got a login website for you to tell us what you’ve read — just create an account and you’re ready to go.

So why bother? First, for the enjoyment of reading! And second, because we’ll pick a winner from among those who have read four or more books to receive a $50 gift certificate to Walmart! And who couldn’t use a little extra money during the holidays? So stop by and check out a few new books to get started.

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Whispering Hearts

An unputdownable gothic novel following a young woman who is determined to make it as a singer in America — no matter the cost. Renowned for her singing across the English countryside, Emma is tired of performing only in pubs and at church services. She’s determined to leave her misty hometown for the dazzling streets of New York City. She’ll become a Broadway star, or die trying. Her father, stubborn and full of rage, disowns her on the spot. But with her heart set on a glittering future that she’ll do anything to achieve, she walks out of the door and into a new life. But when she arrives, her fate is not what she imagined.

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Red River Reunion

Red River Reunion is a classic Western fiction novel set in 1877 that traces the lives of U.S. Deputy Marshal Luxton Danner and Texas Ranger Wes Payne during their latest Texas adventures, where they risk everything to defend the meek, uphold frontier law, and satisfy their pursuit of doing what no other men can. Tragic circumstances, lawlessness, and villainy mark life in the Old West as settlers and law enforcement band together to survive and thrive and create a safe and prosperous future for all. Fans of Layne’s distinctive style will enjoy his rich characters and period details that bring the Old West back to life.

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Inside Story

From one of the most highly acclaimed writers at work today — an autobiographical novel of sex and love, family and friendship. Inside Story had its birth in the death of Martin Amis’s closest friend, the incomparable Christopher Hitchens, and it is within that profound and sprawling friendship that the novel unfurls. From their early days as young magazine staffers in London, Hitchens was Martin’s wingman and adviser, especially in the matter of the alluringly amoral Phoebe Phelps — an obsession Martin must somehow put behind him if he is ever to find love, marriage, a plausible run at happiness. Martin’s quest is a tender, witty exploration of the hardest questions: how to live, how to grieve, and how to die. Along the way, he surveys the horrors of the twentieth century, and the still-unfolding impact of the 9/11 attacks on the twenty-first — and considers what all of this has taught him about how to be a writer.

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