New Kids Books: Thursday, November 5

The library is now open for limited patron access. We are allowing seven patrons at a time in the library. There is hand sanitizer on the table by the circulation desk; we ask you to use it when you come in. It is once again possible to place holds on items from other libraries, although there are only limited runs being made between the libraries, so it may take longer than formerly for your items to arrive. Thank you for your help as we work to make the library a safe place for all!

Here are a few more of the new books for young people that we’ve received lately:

Image of item

Tecumseh and the Prophet: The Shawnee Brothers Who Defied a Nation

Until the Americans killed Tecumseh in 1813, he and his brother Tenskwatawa were the co-architects of the broadest pan-Indian confederation in United States history. In previous accounts of Tecumseh’s life, Tenskwatawa has been dismissed as a talentless charlatan and a drunk. Cozzens shows us that while Tecumseh was a brilliant diplomat and war leader — admired by the same white Americans he opposed — it was Tenskwatawa, called the “Shawnee Prophet,” who created a vital doctrine of religious and cultural revitalization that unified the disparate tribes of the Old Northwest. 

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Making Snacks With Math!

Snacks can be as simple as a cheese stick or as complicated as ants on a log or chocolate chip cookies. Readers can try out four different snack recipes using this book and a little help from an adult as well as hone their math skills in the real world of their kitchen. Each recipe is paired with a word problem using measuring, addition, subtraction, and more that readers learn in the math classroom. Written especially for young readers, each problem contains clue words and other achievable language to help readers solve it.

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The Great Bear Rescue: Saving the Gobi Bears

Acclaimed science author Sandra Markle offers a fascinating look at Gobi bears ― the rarest bears on the planet. These adorable animals face threats ranging from illegal gold miners to climate change. Find out more about these bears, which are considered a national treasure in Mongolia, and learn what scientists are doing to help this critically endangered species.

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