E-Book Recommendations: New Magazines

OWWL2Go gives you access to more than 500 different magazines, so if you’re used to grabbing your favorite titles at the library, you can still do so when you’re in quarantine. Here are just a few examples of the mags on tap.

Field & Stream

The Lost Arts: It’s a shame that some old-school skills have fallen out of favor. Not only do they still get the job done, but mastering them comes with brand-new bragging rights. BY THE EDITORS

Seasons With Bear Every hunter who’s trained and loved a dog knows this day will come. And yet when it does, it’s always a shock. BY HAL HERRING

and much more!


“I’m Pulling Out All the Stops” Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s tough stay-at-home rules may save lives in Michigan but put her political future at risk.

“We’re All Looking for Answers” Frontline doctors are fighting coronavirus with innovative techniques, sharing advice and learning on the fly.

and more!


SECOND ACT 6 An insider dishes on how pregnant bride-to-be Amanda Bynes is trying to regain control of her life after her tragic downfall.

IN IT TOGETHER 30 Find out how tough times made Pierce Brosnan and wife Keely Shaye Smith’s 26-year relationship stronger.

PLAYING NICE 34 Brad Pitt and ex Angelina Jolie are finally ready to settle things amicably, says a source…

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