Check Out the MPL Seed Library

Are you a gardener? Would you like to be? If you’re itching to get your hands in the dirt this spring, stop by the Macedon Public Library to take a look at our seed library. It’s kept in a cabinet near the Idea Factory, in the southeast corner of the library. You’ll find our collection of gardening books on the shelves next to it, to help you answer your gardening questions.

Recently, we restocked the seed library with fresh seeds for 2020. You’ll find a range of seeds for vegetables and flowers, from cucumbers to marigolds, waiting for you.

How does the seed library work? It’s simple. Browse through the available seed, and take a packet or two (please limit yourself to a couple so there are enough for everyone) for your personal use. There’s not charge, and no need to check out the seed. There are directions either on the back of the packets or enclosed with the seeds.Take it home, and grow it. Enjoy!

In return, we’d ask you to consider bringing in seeds yourself, either left over from your planting or harvested from a successful crop. Seeds are generally good for several years (though it depends on the variety), so even if you have seeds from last year, we’d love to include them in the library.

If you have questions, feel free to ask at the desk. Several of our staff members are avid gardeners, and they may be able to help you. All the seeds we’ve stocked are fairly simple to grow, so you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labors with little problem.

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