Today is Election Day

Tuesday, November 5

6:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

Just a reminder: today is Election Day, the one day each year when YOU get to voice your opinion on how our town, our region, and even our country is run.

In Macedon, there are two polling sites where you can vote: the community room at the Macedon Library, and the Macedon Center Fire Hall at 2481 Canandaigua Road. In Palmyra, you may vote at the Fire Hall (625 E Main Street), the town hall (1180 Canandaigua Road), or the East Palmyra Fire House (22145 Tellier Road).

Want to find out if you’re registered or what district you are in? The New York State website has information to answer your questions.

If you’ve never voted before, rest assured: it’s very easy, and it doesn’t take long. Democracy is a precious gift for us in this country, and you have the chance to do your civic duty today to ensure that our democracy remains strong. See you at the polls!

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