Star Lab Mobile Planetarium

Thursday, August 1 at South Macedon Fire Department (across from Lock 30)

SESSION I at 11 am: for children entering grades 1-3

SESSION II at noon: for children entering grades 4-6

SESSION III at 1 pm: for children entering grades 7 and up (as well as interested adults).

Come learn about space by attending this program at the South Macedon Fire Department located across from Lock 30. The fire department has graciously allowed the Star Lab to be set-up in the garage because the unit requires much higher ceilings than the library has.

With this portable planetarium, you (whether you’re a child, teen, or adult) will see some of the spectacular sights of the solar system and beyond, including:

  • The planets, which you can select and zoom in on
  • The moon and its phases
  • Deep space objects such as galaxies and nebulas
  • Meteors, comets, or asteroids
  • Constellations of the night sky

Space in the Star Lab is limited and registration is required. Parents of children may be allowed in the Star Lab depending upon how many children attend (youth will be prioritized before adults in all sessions).  

This program made possible with funding from Friends of Macedon Public Library.

Photoes by Alex Andrews from Pexels and by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

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