Discover the Classics of the Bullis Room

Thursday, May 16

5:00-6:30 p.m.

What mysteries lie beyond the big picture window behind the loan desk at the Macedon Public Library? That quiet space is called the Bullis Room, and we invite you to explore the collection that it contains.

The collection, simply put, includes books, personal papers, and photos of four generations of the Bullis family, a well-known Macedon family that arrived when Charles Bullis settled in the area in 1839. This includes photos of Charles’ grandson, John, a brigadier general who fought in the Civil War, and other family members whose lives touched some of the great historical moments in our country.

Start exploring the Bullis Collection with town historian Linda Braun and genealogy clerk Pat Stevens-Brate. This month, we’ll be focusing on literary classics that are a part of this extensive collection.

Photos by Julia Koberlein

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