American Girls Pajama Party!

Wednesday, April 17

6:00 p.m.

American.GirlMillions of children love the American Girl stories and dolls—along with their countless accessories. At this pajama party, your child will have the chance to meet up with Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Kit, Molly, and Julie, all in their pajamas and ready for bed. There will also be one mystery house to explore! Discover how girls got ready for bed through the years. Is it different from how children do it today? We invite the children attending to wear their pajamas and bring their own American Girl or other dolls to this fun event!

Let us know if you’d like to attend this event with your child by calling us at 315-986-5932 or stopping by the library. There is no charge for this program.

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