Halloween Parade Held at Library

VampiraSaturday, October 27 saw some unusual guests at the library. Among others, Batman and Robin, a princess, a ninja and a Transformer all were sighted among the bookshelves. These honored guests and others like them were on hand for the annual Halloween Parade and Costume Contest. Originally intended to be held outdoors, the event was relocated to the library because of rainy weather.

Robinthe day commenced with a parade through the stacks. Leading the parade was library director Stacey Wicksall, fetchingly dressed as a piece of bacon. She was followed by a wide assortment of costumed characters. Bringing up the rear was Robin, who boldly ventured out on his own, searching for crimes to foil, at several points on the parade route.

winnerFollowing the parade, a panel of judges reviewed each child’s costume, giving awards to the most humorous, most creative, and best overall costumes. Prize buckets full of Halloween treats were given to the winners, and all participants received packets of candy, a Halloween book, and other small treats.

After a hearty round of applause for all, the children spent some time coloring in pumpkin pendants (made on the library’s Glowforge printer) that could be turned into necklaces. In the end, parents and children had a wonderful time despite the gloomy weather, and enjoyed their afternoon at the library.

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